Sunday, December 21, 2014

Time Theorem: Time Actually Does Go Faster As You Get Older

For as long as i can remember I've heard people of all ages commenting on how fast time is moving and seems to be accelerating.  The older the person, the more pronounced the phenomenon becomes.  This is not just the dominating rule, its an experience everyone shares from all cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and geographical locations.   Without exception.

It was an obvious pattern I first started thinking about 30 years ago. How could that be? That as everyone ages, they strongly feel as though time is moving faster.  My conclusion at the time which remains is that if its an experience EVERYONE shares, it must be true.  Time actually does move faster as you get older. 

We all accept the passage of time to be mechanical and deliberate, like a clock should be.  Click, click, click....seconds and minutes passing by in sync with the movement of the universe around us.  It makes sense.  

The problem is we're not a fixed part of the universe around us.  We are biological beings here for an exceedingly short flash of "time" relative to the universe around us.  And thus, the phenomenon transitions into a reality.

As living things, we center our existence around mechanical movements of time that exist in the universe but not within our individual biological beings.  On a core level, we're really only able to measure the passage of time relative to our own, personal existence.  Not based on an external clock that's calibrated on a wholly different cycle.

We all agree to accept and live by mechanical movements of time, but our personal perceptions of time vary as uniquely as we are as human beings.  

This is why, to a 60-years-old, a year goes by many times faster than to a 10-year-old. When you're 10, a year represents 10% of your entire existence. A daunting period of time at that age.   On the contrary, to a 60-year-old, one year represents about 1.5% of your existence.  Such a small slice of the pie, a year becomes nearly an indistinguishable period of time. 

On a 10-year-old's birthday, how they perceive and experience the one year of time until their 11th birthday is roughly equal to how a 35-year-old perceives and experiences a two to three year period of time until an expected promotion, which is roughly equal to how a 60-year-old perceives and experiences the five years of time until they retire at 65. Time moves about 6-times faster to a senior citizen compared to an adolescent.    

Time in fact moves faster as you get older.  

-Nick Matzorkis

Monday, April 23, 2007

Why I Started SUP ATX

Why I Started SUP ATX 

Written in 2007 by SUP ATX Founder Nick Matzorkis

One of the many things I find amazing about stand up paddling is the common reaction it draws from people 
seeing it for the first time. "What is that? I've never seen that before."  It's hard to believe that in 2007 
the great majority of even the most well-traveled, dynamic and fitness-oriented people across the United States and
around the world have never seen someone simply standing on a floating board and paddling!

There seem to be a million ways human beings have figured out how to float on, recreate in, and travel
across water since the beginning of time; rafts, canoes, row boats, inner tubes, motor boats, jet skis, 
surfboards, water skis, ships, aircraft carriers, even nuclear submarines. Yet, in the year 2007 most people 
have not seen a human being simply standing on a floating board and paddling. It's so ironic given that 
stand up paddling seems to be the most natural and obvious way for human beings to traverse most 
waterways around the world.

Human beings are unique because we stand vertically on two legs. The great majority of the Earth's surface 
is covered in water. Human beings are comprised mostly of water. Civilizations necessarily emanate from 
and around water sources. Yet, it has taken humankind until the 21st century to put all these together and 
recognize stand up paddling as a viable means of water transportation; for recreation, exercise, and 
functional transportation.

The industrial revolution didn't make it possible. The technological revolution didn't make it possible. Standing 
on a floating board and paddling was possible millions of years ago. Yet, what should be as familiar to most 
people around the world as a bicycle or a row boat, until now, has been overlooked for the most part by 

Everyone who sees stand up paddling wants to know what it is, then want to try it, and when they do, 
invariably love it. That was my experience and that's why I launched SUP ATX. To make this great sport 
accessible to the greatest number of people possible worldwide. Stand up paddle boarding is a sport with 
massive global appeal whose time has finally come.

-Nick Matzorkis

Founder, Chairman and CEO of SUP ATX